WE, the people who live in Creech St Michael, are being subjected to thoughtless numbers of walkers, cyclists etc, travelling miles to use this canal path, abusing the lockdown guidelines by keeping two metres apart and only taking short exercise breaks locally.

They gather in large numbers, grown men, not kids, playing football in the canal car park, picnicking on bridges and benches with no hope of anyone passing them safely!

Runners spitting and coughing as they pass others.

Hundreds every day!

We do not want this evil virus brought to our doorsteps here.

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Why is this invasion being allowed?

Who do we get in contact with to help? Canal and River Trust don’t want to know, too expensive to close them.

Guess our lives aren’t worth it!

Please print this so we can get to as many readers as we can to ask them to be thoughtful of this situation and to be safe if using it!

Thank you.

Creech St Michael