A WEST Somerset doctor is warning against complacency as a 'significant' number of coronavirus cases are confirmed.

As Somerset has one of the oldest populations, fears a rife the Covid-19 outbreak would hit the county hard, so far numbers are comparatively low against other parts of the UK.

But to believe the virus is not a problem in Somerset is unwise, according to a general practice doctor.

Dr Catherine Sherry, a GP partner at Dunster and Porlock Surgeries, said: "We would like to make you aware that there are a significant number of confirmed COVID 19 cases in our community locally.

"Through various conversations we’ve had with people, there is a sense that COVID 19 is not a problem in West Somerset. This most definitely is not the case.

"Although we are not hearing about huge numbers, this could be because testing is not being offered to all those with symptoms and can therefore lead to a false sense of security for people in the community."

The doctor stressed the importance of following the government's social distancing rules in order to prevent the situation from escalating.

Dr Sherry added: "It is very important you follow the government advice about isolation because this does help to slow the spread of the virus and help the NHS cope with the numbers of very ill people.

"We can arrange testing at the surgery if you develop symptoms you are concerned about, so please get in touch and we will be able to arrange this for you."