A RECKLESS motorist has been driving at dangerous speeds on Exmoor during the first weekend since the coronavirus lockdown restrictions have been eased.

A video filmed by the driver's friends and shared online shows a Mini Cooper hurtling along the B3224 between Beulah Chapel and Wheddon Cross on Exmoor.

The driver heads along the centre of the road at high speed, endangering the lives of other road users as well as their own life.

Somerset County Gazette:

Exmoor resident Karin Harwood lives with her family along the stretch of road where the footage was filmed.

Mrs Harwood said: "This behaviour is totally unacceptable and could have resulted in a fatality of the driver or anyone else using this road.

"I have worked in the Highways and road safety industry for over 20 years and sadly this behaviour is common in rural areas as police resources are stretched.

"This behaviour puts added pressure to the emergency services who sadly have to deal with the aftermath."