A 'MARVELLOUS' 105-year-old has returned home after recovering from coronavirus.

Pat 'Dina' Aldridge, who lives at Nynehead Court Care Home, has made it back to the home a picture of health after a battle with the illness which has taken so many lives across the globe.

She was taken into Musgrove Park Hospital after struggling with her breathing, and that's where she got her positive test result.

But after five days, she was allowed back to her care home, where she is back to doing her usual activities.

The care home has praised Musgrove for giving one of their beloved residents such excellent care.

And, bosses at the home say thanks to the diligence of its staff, the virus has been contained and has not spread.

Jo Fenn, manager of Nynehead Court, said: “With so many tragic stories of care homes where residents contract Covid-19 and do not recover, we’re so glad to share our story of a happy outcome for Mrs Aldridge.

"At 105 years old she is truly marvellous.”

Pat is a very sociable lady who enjoys going to a lunch club on Wednesdays, and thinks that her long life is down to her healthy diet which restricts sugar and fat, especially cake.

She decided to move to Nynehead Court because her family were moving away, and she wanted to remain close to her friends.

Mrs Aldridge, who celebrated her 105th birthday in November, said: "I feel as bright as I can, for someone who is my age!"

Laura Edwards, a ward sister at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Musgrove, said: "We are delighted that Pat responded so well to treatment and that she can now rest and recuperate at home with her family.

“We send our very best wishes to Pat and want to thank everyone in our team who helped in her recovery.”