A TAUNTON businessman trying to capture birds' eye view footage of progress at a multi-million development in Taunton was hampered - by seagulls.

Retired shop owner Lord Parker was filming the Coal Orchard project with a drone when the birds attacked.

They swooped to conquer after mistaking his drone for another bird and continually dive bombed the device to warn it off.

Lord Parker, who owns a sweet shop in the Orchard Shopping Centre, said: "It's blummin tricky getting drone footage there as the seagulls keep attacking it thinking it's another bird... But I shall return."

The Coal Orchard scheme will be a mix of homes, shops and restaurants once completed, in a bid to rejuvenate the riverside area of Taunton.

It will feature a total of 42 one- and two-bedroom flats, shops, restaurants, offices and a gym.