A WOMAN whose house backs onto Brean Beach says she is 'disgusted' by tourists who are going to the toilet in her garden - because public toilets are closed.

June Day, who lives at Brean Down Cove, has hit out at 'unhygienic' tourists for using the beach and the streets as a lavatory during their trips to the beach.

The 58-year-old claims that people have gone for a wee in her garden and have even defecated against her fence and on the pavement near her house.

June has criticised the National Trust for failing to open toilets near to the beach as she said reopening the facilities would solve the problem.

"We have had a constant flow of people urinating against our fence and into the garden," June said.

"The beaches at Brean and Brean Down have been heaving, quite a few people are out and not isolating.

"To make it worse the National Trust have now opened their car park to add to those already open but there are still no toilet facilities.

"Both the National Trust and the council are keeping them closed.

"This means hundreds of people are urinating and defecating in the open. Earlier this week many men were urinating on the beach in the open, it’s disgusting.

"On Thursday I personally spoke to about 7 people going to the toilet against my fence, my husband saw a couple trying at the front of the house but I suspect there are more going on the beach.

"The defecating seems to be more off the beaten track, although I have not seen it there are reports of people going in the little cave on the beach.

"We have contacted The National Trust, the council, the MP and not one person is concerned."

Mrs Day said she has lobbied the National Trust to open the facilities at the popular tourist spot in the hope that it would sort out the problem.

She said: "I have contacted the National Trust but they did not respond to my last email.

"I wasn’t satisfied with their response. They know people are coming and should take responsibility for them and their members.

"I appreciate toilets are a breeding ground but if you are well prepared it is not impossible to stay safe. They have had as long as everyone else to prepare so why only now look for PPE?

"Maybe they could man the toilets with tables with hand gel available on entering and exiting to encourage people to keep clean."

A spokesperson for the National Trust said the charity would open toilets across Britain "where able".

A National Trust spokesperson said: "We are making opening decisions based on local conditions and urge anyone who wants to visit to check our website before travelling.

"Where we are able, we will open toilets at our countryside car parks.

"We will try to publish available toilet facilities on our website, but visitors should be aware that these can change from time to time."

A spokesperson for Mrs Day's MP James Heappey said: "We do not comment on individual casework but we have replied and are in touch with Sedgemoor District Council regarding the issue."

The County Gazette has contacted Sedgemoor District Council for comment.