PHOTOGRAPHER Benjamin Dunford's wedding jobs have dried up during the coronavirus crisis.

Instead he's been doing the round to capture the lives of everyday people during lockdown.

He said: "Life as we all knew it has changed dramatically.

"People all over have had to alter their lives help to contain the spread of the virus.

"We all had our busy schedules, that have now thrown out of sync.

"Wedding photography for me at the moment is simply not happening. So I had the thought of visiting some families and couples to find out about them and capture them with this Lockdown Doorstep Photography in Somerset."

Here are some of the people Benjamin met on his travels:


Somerset County Gazette:

Sarah is newly self-employed at Country Class Occasion Hair Beauty and Massage. This year was lined up to be great, but all of her wedding bookings have been rescheduled for next year. Her husband Daryll has been working extra hours to make up for this. She has been making the most of the extra time with their daughter who misses her friends a lot. Getting out on family walks and adventures is what is helping them through this time.


Somerset County Gazette:

Emily and Drew have been doing their best to stay positive and keep their sanity. They have both be furloughed from their jobs, so have been at home a lot more. Emily has found a joy in gardening and art, Drew has taken up reading. They have both found spending the extra time together nice.


Somerset County Gazette:

Kate and Cam are both key workers and live in Wellington. Cam is a truck driver delivering building materials. Kate works at the local hospital. Amelia their daughter is coping the best she can with home schooling, as well as attending school while her parents work. They do worry at times about the the virus and it getting into their home and will never forget this time in history. Freddie their little boy is being himself running around and being mischievous.


Somerset County Gazette:

Amber met Matt in early February and they took the plunge to be together at home during lockdown. “It’s better than being apart for so long,” Amber says. Her trademark colourful hair is now showing roots. This is her measurement for how long this has all been going on. Her son Will is missing his friends. They have been connecting online and playing lots of Roblox. His sister Rowan has just missed her GCSEs. She is now waiting out the summer to take her A levels at Richard Huish College.


Somerset County Gazette:

Heidi is coming to the end of her maternity leave after giving birth to her smiley baby Sophie. Liam has been furloughed, so they have spent time together as a family. Theo, has been watching his dad dig holes in the garden for the new fence, and his mum has been painting it. Theo said, “250,000 months at home is to long” and he misses hugging his family outside of the home. Liam has been installing a new porch.


Somerset County Gazette:

Tom and Jen both being pensioners have been at home most of the time during the lockdown. The allotment is where Tom has been spending his time to keep himself occupied and away from busy places. He has also bought many books online. Jen’s been playing games online as well as joining a choir through the Zoom app. The garden is where they have been spending a lot of time together in the sun. Tom is looking forward to seeing his skittles team again. Zoom for him has been very useful also.

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Somerset County Gazette: