A NURSE is fighting for his life on a ventilator after contracting Covid-19.

Kat Frampton has made an emotional plea for people to protect their families as Rob Williams is cared for in the very ward at Musgrove Park Hospital where he was caring for patients just weeks before.

Rob is now being cared for by work colleagues as he has become seriously ill.

Kat has posted the following message on social media: "You may think your safe in your little bubble, you may think it won’t happen to you or anyone you love.

"Well think again it will at some point effect you to and when it does it will hit you like a kick to the gut.

"This is my dad, a fit and healthy man in his 50s who runs cycles and swims at every chance he gets he’s never in his words ‘had the flu’.

"He’s never in fact, not in my entire 31 years alive has my dad ever been unwell as far as I remember.

"This is him a few weeks ago all geared up and ready to help at the front of this pandemic, on a covid ward at Musgrove.

"On Friday May 5, he tested positive for the virus. After a few days managing mild symptoms at home it became too much for him and he was admitted to the very ward he’d been working on a few weeks prior.

"On Sunday morning his body needed help, he was exhausted so he was ventilated.

"The pain of having someone you love be so poorly and not being able to be by their side is the worst.

"Please don’t think it won’t happen to you because there’s a good chance it will.

"For the love of God stay in, protect your family and loved ones because I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

"Dad, please pull through we need you. This country needs people like you."