Dear Editor,

I see that following tweets from myself and others calling on the local Conservative MP to break her silence on their top advisor’s trips to and around County Durham - she has responded by simply backing him and PM Johnson - no questions asked or apology given!

As several lawyers have pointed out the law can’t be bent by advisers, ministers or even Prime Ministers to suit there own “interpretation” and it seems clear the law was broken.

At the very least his cross country drives were completely contrary to the advice to “stay at home” which so many people took very seriously, sometimes at great personal and emotional cost to themselves and to loved ones.

The best way to move on from this would be first an apology from this administration, second, an end to the confused messaging he has so badly undermined and third, a recognition that the massive failings should never be repeated. 

That means, preparing vastly better for next time, with research, vaccinations, health service resilience and the kind of battle-plan readiness that just wasn’t there when we needed it.

With the UK having one of the highest death tolls there are serious questions to answer.

Once the virus has been conquered a full public inquiry really must be the first step, to hold all those in charge fully accountable.

Yours sincerely 

Gideon Amos 

LibDem Spokesperson for Taunton Deane