A TAUNTON resident reckons one of the big bonuses of the lockdown in Taunton has been the absence of scores of squawking seagulls.

John Verrier, who lives in the north of the county town, says he rarely says sees any of the gulls these days.

And he says the streets in the town centre are a lot tidier in the mornings as few black plastic sacks containing takeaway food waste are being ripped open by the birds.

"It's a lot more peaceful without all the seagulls around," said Mr Verrier.

"Most summers they line up on roofs creating an unbearable din early in the morning. Nowadays I hardly see any.

"It must be because restaurants aren't open and takeaways aren't chucking out food waste in black plastic rubbish bags.

"Before lockdown, the gulls used to fly into town early and rip them open, leaving a dreadful mess every morning.

"Now hopefully they're where they should be - at sea, catching fish.

"Long may it continue - although hopefully the coronavirus will go away and lockdown will end soon."