A DIABETIC woman who has battled aggressive cancer and had a previous miscarriage has defied medical odds and given birth to a baby boy.

Jade Sloman and her husband Scott had been told their only chance of becoming parents was through fertility treatment - and even then there were no guarantees.

They had virtually given up hope of starting a family but they've now put all their heartache behind them as they care for Archie Gerry James, who was born on May 7.

As he was five weeks premature, Archie, who weighed 8lb at birth, spent four days in ICU to aid his breathing and feeding before being allowed home to Apple Tree Close, Norton Fitzwarren.

His parents believe Jade, who has been Type 1 diabetic since she was ten-months-old, was able to become pregnant after being encouraged to eat more healthily when they attended Slimming World classes.

Scott, 34, an account manager with a kitchen company, said Jade was diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks after her miscarriage about two years ago.

Jade, an optical assistant at Specsavers who turned 29 on Saturday, underwent a double mastectomy, but shortly afterwards, doctors discovered a second, more aggressive cancer, for which she received extensive treatment.

"We had appointments for fertility treatment, but nothing was happening," said Scott.

"We were told there were issues and there was a high chance that conceiving naturally wasn't going to happen."

The couple signed up to Slimming World in January last year, hoping to lose weight so Jade could have fertility treatment sooner. Through a healthy diet, they both lost weight

Scott said: "By then the baby thing took a back seat and after the doctors said conception wasn't going to be a natural thing, Jade said, 'It isn't going to happen. I'm ruling it out'.

"Then one night she came downstairs and said she'd done a pregnancy test and it was positive.

"We were shocked, but it didn't sink in until we saw the first scan.

"After the first miscarriage and having been told there was a very low chance of a natural conception, we were afraid in the back of our minds that something could go wrong.

"When we announced it to our Slimming World meeting, the support from the group was amazing.

"It's like a miracle and Archie's birth has completely changed our lives for the better."