IF, while you're out having your daily exercise, someone threatens to invade your two-metre space, the Bard of Hatch Beauchamp is offering tongue-in-cheek tips on inflicting some poetic justice.

Poet Tony Watts has come up with a novel type of a fist bump to bring into line anyone threatening to flout the social distancing rules.

He has advertised covie-sticks - two-metre long poles with boxing gloves attached to one end - for sale at a knockout £75 each.

In a just-for-fun article in his local parish magazine, he says they will "safeguard social distancing" while you are out and a-bout enjoying the fresh air.

Tony doesn't pull his punches as he writes: "When out for a walk or a jog, we commonly encounter other people likewise engaged, and not all of them are equally conscientious about observing the official guidelines on social distancing.

"If you feel that someone has approached you more closely than the law allows, place the gloved end of your covie-stick against the culprit’s chest and exert a firm but gentle pressure, forcing them backwards until the covie-stick is fully extended.

"There should now be a safe distance between the two of you."