A PHOTOGRAPHER feeling "bored and guilty" during lockdown has been cooking up treats for hundreds of key workers.

And Hayley England has enjoyed so much making sweets and lollies for those keeping us safe during the coronavirus crisis that she hopes to make a business out of it.

She has been creating different flavoured lollies, fudge and sweets in the kitchen of her home in Charles Crescent, Taunton, for the past two months.

Volunteers have been delivering her goodies to hospital staff, carers, doctors, funeral directors, stores and Royal Mail workers among others in Taunton and further afield.

Hayley, who has named her operation Lollies of Love, said: "I run a business called She Shoots Photography, but I've been off work for eight weeks since lockdown.

"I was getting bored and I felt guilty because I've been at home doing nothing while there are people out there who've still been working and putting their lives on the line.

"So I decided to make some treats for key workers as a way of saying thank you."

Hayley initially funded the ingredients out of her own pocket, but with no money coming in now relies on donations from members of the public via JustGiving or the Lollies of Love Facebook page.

Every week she needs 35 tins of condensed milk and 150 chocolate bars and her shopping bill comes to around £80.

"People who have received the goodies have shown their appreciation with positive comments on social media - and I was even sent a bunch of flowers," said Hayley.

"I've really enjoyed doing it, so much so that I'm doing my level 2 hygiene and am applying to make the sweets and lollies in my kitchen to sell in the future."

Hayley is also maintaining her photography skills by doing lockdown photoshoots on people's doorsteps.