THIS story about Dominic Cummings is typical 'dog with a bone' journalism.

It appears that it will not simply be allowed to be put to bed, because the press want to inflect as much damage on the government as possible.

There has not been any mention of many different people who may have broken lockdown rules, this wouldn't have the same impact.

With this type of journalism, it causes a lot of damage to the general public, stirring up people's emotions and almost invoking people to do their own thing, which is dangerous.

It is about time journalists thought more about the impact of their story especially during this time, rather than their own personal political gains in pursuing a story



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I SEE in the Gazette that Rebecca Pow has time to give you an article but not enough time to reply to the email I sent when this story first broke.

I wrote explaining, as my MP, that just brushing this matter under the carpet wasn’t good enough.

I have had to shield for the last 11 weeks. I have seen no one except my husband.

I have three children and eight grandchildren who I haven’t seen.

While Dominic Cummings has the temerity to just ignore the law and lied about not being at home courtesy of his wife.

I know so many people who have had the virus but followed the rules and didn’t take their children to somewhere else.

I cannot understand why we should move on when (they) lied about speaking to the police and were confusing about where he was and about a trip out to test his eyes.

That last remark is just laughable and has made us a laughing stock across the world. Seemingly, to cover this up, they relaxed the lockdown prematurely and put thousands at risk when the scientific evidence says not to.

I feel so strongly about this and this is the first time I have contacted any newspaper.



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I THINK it's disgusting and am very disappointed that Rebecca Pow hasn't supported the people who voted for her when they so obviously think so strongly that he (Dominic Cummings) needs to either resign or be sacked.

I think she needs to re-think this because if she doesn't back us all there is no way we will be voting for her ever again!

I thought our local MPs were supposed to support her voters in Government? Otherwise, just what is the point, if our voices can't or won't be heard?

Move on, never.

I know all my family and friends feel very strongly about this and it isn't going to go away. Why should it? Why should he be allowed to do what others needed to do but didn't?

What about families in flats? Not even gardens?

I personally know of two single parents who live in second-storey flats (because there aren't enough houses in Taunton) who became very ill but still managed to self isolate and look after very small children on their own.

I have never before felt so strongly that I have had to write.

Do Rebecca and the rest of the Government who are backing him think we are all stupid idiots and have no feelings or memories?

Well, think on and do the decent thing, then perhaps we can all move on.