MINEHEAD firefighters have tackled a second fire in as many days in the same area caused by a discarded camp fire.

Crews were called out to the Whitecross Plantation in Minehead at 9.30am this morning (Tuesday, June 2).

On arrival, the incident commander was met by a member of the public who was doing his best to stop the fire spreading but was pushed back by the intense heat. 

The team immediately requested back up in the form of a further appliance from Minehead and a water carrier from Bridgwater due to the intensity of the burn.

Crews had to lay out a total of 400 meters of hose on the incline and used more than 9,000 litres of water to bring the burn under control and thoroughly soak the area to avoid it reigniting.

A spokesman for Minehead Fire Station said: "Although the area was only approximately 15m x 15m, the fire had burnt up into parts of the tree canopy and deep into the roots and peat.

"This area is impossible to reach with our conventional vehicles and all efforts were made by foot to get into the plantation with equipment.

Somerset County Gazette:

"While there, crews were amazed at the amount of glass, beer cans, food cans, rubbish and illegal substance paraphernalia left littered around.

"Bottles in direct sunlight can cause fires, unattended campfires spread easily and peat and tree roots can burn for days.

"The team did their best to clear as much rubbish from this scene before leaving, but with the current Covid-19 risks, these are tasks we would sooner not have to do.

Somerset County Gazette:

"The whole incident ties up valuable resources from multiple stations that cannot be used for life risk incidents such as RTCs or property fires, but uses valuable PPE items to protect the crews while clearing the scene."