WHEN I saw the Cummings story on the news, I felt both angry and disappointed, angry that this man, a politician who was supposed to be looking after our welfare would do this sort of thing, and disappointed that the PM did not get him in his office and give Cummings 24 hours to have his resignation on his desk.

Now I see that our local MP has opened her mouth and put her two penneth in. This is the MP who refused to get involved with bus problems in Taunton, in fact anyone who has a so-called meeting with our local MP can and will be listened to, but the notes written down will, once the meeting is over, be put in the Fore Get This file.

Cummings did wrong. He knows it, as does his family. But it's the old story - if you have a seven-figure sum in your bank account, then you can get away with anything.

We voted Johnson into power to get us through Brexit. He's done that, but I'm sorry to say, when it comes to this dreaded virus, and yes I know he had it, but running the country and making sure that the British people stick to the rules, he hasn't got a clue.

One rule for his friends with money, and one rule for the rest of us


Norton Fitzwarren