CARE staff are all prepared to isolate in motorhomes if their residents are hit by the coronavirus.

A Thornfalcon business has provided reassurance to a Taunton care provision company during the crisis.

Tom Lower of Somerset Motorhome Centre has loaned three motorhomes to Crystal Care and Support.

The latter company had appealed for additional accommodation for staff in case coronavirus struck residents' homes.

Mr Lower and his team prepared the vehicles and delivered them to the residents' homes as lockdown was announced.

Wendy Stevens, of Crystal Care, said: "Fortunately to date, all staff and residents have remained clear of the virus.

"But staff from Crystal Care say knowing there is somewhere to stay, distancing themselves away from their families should the need arise, is a real comfort and so good to know that something has been put in place.

"We'd like to say thank you to Tom and his team for going the extra mile and being so helpful and supportive.

"We'd also like to thank Crystal Care staff for their continued care of all the residents, helping to keep everyone safe and well."