MINEHEAD Town Councillor Steven Heard has resigned from the council today (Thursday, June 11).

Cllr Heard was one the independent councillors that swept into post last April and is well known in the town for his volunteer cleaning.

Matters came to head this week as a bizarre drama unfolded around the cleaning of a metal stag.

Cllr Heard cleaned the stag at Ellicombe Roundabout, which had been donated to Minehead Town Council by a local junk shop.

It is understood Cllr Heard sought approval to clean the stag from the junk shop owner but did not have the correct permissions required by the council itself.

After the town council received complaints from the public on the matter, a letter was sent reminding Cllr Heard to seek the appropriate permissions before carrying out cleaning works.

In a statement announcing Cllr Heard's resignation posted on social media earlier today, it states that: "There is no ill-feeling between Cllr Heard and those independent councillors he's worked with for the past couple of years, but that his mental health can simply no longer take the onslaught of drama that he is met with each day by members of the public who don't like what he does."

The statement announcing Cllr Heard's resignation continues: "There have been several other instances where Steven's voluntary work has come into conflict with his role on the council.

"The bureaucracy that surrounds permissions, insurance, etc. is something that Steven has no wish to take part in.

"He simply wants to help and improve his community.

"Cllr Heard is thankful to all of those residents who voted for him when he stood, and he's thankful to those members of the council and community whom he has received guidance from."