A SET of public toilets have been left in an 'appalling state' after someone broke in and left the floor 'soiled with human waste'.

Watchet Town Council had been working hard to put everything in place so that the public toilets in Harbour Road could be opened safely.

But a statement from Watchet town clerk Sarah Reed on behalf of the council, says that earlier today (Tuesday, June 16), someone has 'forced the doors such that they have broken the safety locks and left the doors open for public use'.

"The appalling state that both the toilets have been left in, especially the men’s where the flooring has been left soiled with human waste is beyond belief," Mrs Reed said.

The toilets have therefore been padlocked to prevent entry until they can be officially re-opened.

Mrs Reed added: "Such reprehensible behaviour is dangerous to the public and staff during the pandemic, and such irresponsible action is deplored by Watchet Town Council as we hope it is by residents and visitors to Watchet."

The town council plans to re-open the toilets from Monday, June 22, having implemented new safety practices, risk assessments and signage, together with ensuring the cleaning staff have the appropriate PPE.