PETER Andre has revealed that his wife has had the coronavirus.

Emily MacDonagh, who was born and brought up in the Taunton area and was a doctor at Musgrove Park Hospital for a time, had the virus at the start of the outbreak.

The couple, who broke the news on their YouTube reality show after Emily had a positive antibody test, had kept the news from the children.

On the YouTube show, Peter said: "There's excellent news that you got your antibody test and that you're positive."

Emily said: "It means that my body has mounted an immune response to the Covid virus at some point in the past.

"It means I had it. I felt a bit under, I had a bit of a sore throat my glands were up. The bizarre thing was the taste and smell - I've never experienced that with any other virus."

While she was ill, Emily self-isolated, with Peter leaving her meals outside her bedroom door and caring for the couple's two young children and his two children from his marriage to Katie Price.