A Government-backed virtual school will stay open for another year in case there are local lockdowns and children still need teaching remotely.

Oak National Academy will continue to provide free resources for teachers in the 2020-21 academic year despite the Government's plans to open schools in England to all pupils from September.

The extension of the virtual school, which began in April after schools closed to the majority of children, is backed by £4.34million in Government funding.

It has already delivered over 13million lessons in its first two months during the lockdown - and now around 10,000 lessons will be created for the next year ahead of September to help teachers.

Matt Hood, principal at Oak National Academy, said: "As we look ahead to September, we hope all teachers and pupils will be safely back at school.

"Given the risk of local lockdowns, it's sensible to have a back-up plan available to any school, to make sure children can continue to receive an education."

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said: "What Oak National Academy has achieved during this challenging time has been nothing short of outstanding - innovating and collaborating with leading state schools to deliver over 13 million video lessons and resources across a broad range of subjects.

"This is an invaluable programme for schools and teachers, supporting children to catch up and keep learning now and into the next academic year."

The minister's praise for the school comes as hundreds of NHS doctors and healthcare staff call on the Government to create 'Nightingale schools" similar to the temporary Covid-19 hospitals, to ensure children do not become "collateral damage".

The demand, in an open letter to education select committee chairman Robert Halfon, called for immediate funding to ensure 30 hours per week of summer holiday activities for every child in Britain.

The letter signed by more than 260 consultants and paediatricians across the UK also called for a "cast-iron guarantee" of full-time schooling for all children from the autumn.

Boris Johnson has said it is his intention that children of all ages in England should be able to return to school on a five-day-a-week basis in September.

During education questions in the Commons, Mr Williamson said he will unveil plans next week for the "full return of every single child" to school.