A Somerset County Council spokesman said the subway off Winkworth Way is now clear of floodwater.

He added: "There are pumps at this location which trip every now and then.

"They’ve been reset and are now working as normal."

THIS is the site of a subway under the railway line in Taunton this morning (Thursday).

The flooding issue is at the underpass off Winkworth Way, leading from the Obridge area to the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal and the River Tone.

The photo was posted on social media by Perry and Prouse service and MOT centre.

And earlier in the week, Ian Gould complained about the state of the underpass.

He said: "There is another serious water issue on Winkworth Way where it passes under the Toneway.

"The underpass is now about 45% flooded.

"I came across this last night and had to backtrack to find a drop kerb in order to get my mobility scooter onto the footpath to get through."

We have approached the council for a comment.