A KEEN gardener left heartbroken when lockdown meant he could not move into his new home died from a drug related death.

Richard Maye, 42, had been set to move to a bungalow with its own garden and had started making plans for a vegetable plot and pond, an inquest was told.

But his mother Christine Roberts told the hearing in Taunton that her son was unable to have the keys to the bungalow because of the Government's Covid-19 lockdown.

He tried to appeal the decision but was told he could not move in until restrictions were lifted.

His mum said "It left him heartbroken."

She said he had packed all his belongings as he prepared for the move from his old home in Wells, where he was found dead in April.

Just days before, Mr Maye had sent his mum a text for Mothers' Day in which he called her a "wonderful mum" and said "thank you for being you".

The inquest heard he had turned to alcohol and drugs when family life broke down, but his love of gardening had helped turn his life around.

He restored a herb garden at Glastonbury Abbey and planted veg and herbs at his flat in Wells.

Mrs Roberts said his former accommodation was closing down and he was the last to leave, but he was excited by the prospect of a modern home with its own garden.

Richard was found dead at his old flat and the cause of death was morphine and Ecstasy toxicity.

He had traces of other drugs in his system, including cocaine and cannabis oil he used to combat back pain.

His GP said Mr Maye had not been working during the pandemic and had been waiting to move into his bungalow, which had been postponed because of the lockdown - but he said he did not have suicidal thoughts.

Senor Somerset coroner Tony Williams recorded a drug-related death conclusion.

Mr Williams said: "He self-administered the drugs for his usual hit, but they sadly combined to cause his death."