POLICE had to deal with two teenage drivers displaying "youthful inexperience" yesterday (Monday).

In the first incident, an 18-year-old collided with a lorry on a bend when trying to take a corner too fast.

The car was badly damaged, while the side of the lorry was scraped.

A police spokesman attributed the collision to "youthful inexperience", adding: "Cars do not fare well against HGVs.

"Eighteen-year-old driver reported for driving without due care and attention after colliding on a bend. Too fast for corner. Recommended for driver improvement course. Very lucky escape."

In the second case, another 18-year-old was spotted at a "vastly excess speed" on the A358.

Police caught up with the driver in Chard, "still diving poorly, both front tyres defective".

A force spokesman said the offender faces a three point penalty and £100 fine, while the vehicle was given a prohibited notice

DC Sam Donati put the incident down to "inexperience and speed defects".