MEASURES taken to deter travellers from setting up camp at a Taunton leisure centre have apparently proved to be unsuccessful.

A number of caravans have moved onto Blackbrook Leisure Centre, despite Somerset West and Taunton Council recently putting boulders in the way of the entrances.

Somerset County Gazette:

The boulders were set up last week around the site as a temporary measure, but the council said it still had an obligations to the travelling community, who will be looking for places to settle during the coronavirus pandemic.

Somerset County Gazette:

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SWT leader Cllr Federica Smith-Roberts said at the time: "We understand the concern that these traveller encampments create and are keen to provide assurance to the local community.

"I am pleased that the council has been able to respond positively to this ongoing issue.

"This does not detract from our obligations to the travelling community and we continue to take our responsibility to them seriously."

SWT says the measures were temporary while the centre is closed because of coronavirus, and that a more permanent solution is being looked in to. 

A spokesperson said: “SWT had attempted to stop vehicles gaining access to land at Blackbrook Leisure Centre by putting concrete boulders across access points to the car parks.

"Unfortunately these have been moved and we are now taking action to seek possession of our land.

"The boulders were a temporary measure while the leisure centre was closed during Covid-19 restrictions.

"The council is looking into a permanent solution in the longer term.”