SLOWLY and safely coming out of lockdown.

I use the words slowly and safely because I am worried people are forgetting that Coronavirus is still here.

It is still killing people and we still do not have a vaccine.

Personally, I am still trying to avoid crowds. However, we have a duty to support all the local people and businesses who are relying on us returning to their cafes, pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, tourist attractions, hairdressers etc.

I just hope that people will be patient with all these businesses.

It is NOT their fault that; you may have to queue or wait a while to get served, they may have a reduced menu, your sauces, condiments, plates and cutlery are not as they used to be, you can’t stand at the bar for hours.

Hopefully, customers will be patient and understanding. Remember, these businesses are having to adapt to the new rules with so little time to prepare or train staff. Everyone has a duty of care for everyone else. Be sensible, stick to 1 metre (plus).

Hopefully, it won’t be long before things get back to a bit more like the old days as far being more relaxed about life and not having to pre-book or queue, but while we do, try and be mindful, smile, be polite, be patient. We are all in this weird situation together.

Getting out and about and seeing other people (at a distance!) is going to be such a good thing as far as mental health and fighting loneliness is concerned. We cannot live in fear forever.

Now for a little bit of good news. I have joined up with a local businessman John Compton to develop a live web app for Taunton businesses, residents and visitors too!

The app is a simple business directory for Taunton that people download onto their phones, called Taunton Life App.

This app is amazing and such a positive thing for Taunton. It is everything I have been looking to do since I gave up my career in 2014 and started Genius.

We had a Zoom call initially and then met in a socially distanced way to discuss how we could work together. A dream team with the way we both think about helping our hometown!

Making it fantastic and affordable for all businesses to be able to afford to be on it and be a part of the go to way for local people to shop local, support local - a completely positive initiative.

We can do so much with the app, including offering digital loyalty cards!

Genius PR & Events