A TAUNTON pensioner has voiced his disgust at people discarding used face protection masks on the streets of Taunton.

John Verrier came across three masks apparently thrown away in the Kilkenny area of the town this morning (Thursday).

There was one off Priorswood Road near Kilkenny Court and two beside the steps leading from Kilkenny Car Park to Taunton Station.

"It's unbelievable when there's a pandemic and people are dying," said Mr Verrier. "It's totally irresponsible and disgusting.

"Surely the people responsible know that these masks are supposed to protect people.

"By simply throwing them away in public they are putting people at risk.

"It is possible they carry the virus. What if a child picks one up?

"Apart from being a potential danger, it is simply unhygienic."

Mr Verrier added: "The three I saw were within a distance of about 100 metres.

"I've seen others around the town. There must be dozens of them at any given time."