AROUND £1 million has been missed in council revenue due to car park charges being suspended.

The matter is set to be discussed at Somerset West and Taunton council's meeting on July 7.

The council is being asked to suspend parking charges until August 30.

The charges were suspended as the country went into lockdown during the coronavirus restrictions by government mandate.

As non essential shops in Somerset started to open on June 15, and further easing of the restrictions set to take place on July 4, the council decided to continue cessation of the charges.

A council spokesperson said: "As the local economy starts to rebound from the lockdown the council have an opportunity to be part of helping that recovery. As a short term measure specifically aimed at stimulating economic growth the council could hold off reintroducing parking charges.

"There is a cost to the council, but the opportunity to help economic stimulus is one that should not be lost."

But during the lockdown, the council has missed out on nearly £1 million of parking charges.

Car parking income for April-June in 2019 stood at £1.1 million, but for the same period this year, only £3,000 has been made.

The spokesperson added: "There have been extensive discussions and detailed work is underway on how to cover the financial impacts of Covid and a report will be coming to full council in due course on how the shortfall in income is being met."