A TAUNTON pub won't be opening until next Thursday (July 9).

The Master Thatcher, in Severn Drive, has plumped for "a gentle weekday opening".

The pub had been closed even before lockdown, but the new bosses have been running regular drive through barbeques.

A statement opn the pub's Facebook page says: "The government gave us many requirements, rules and regulations only a very short time ago, not really giving the pub/hospitality industry enough time to prepare, especially a pub that has nNeeded as much TLC as the Master Thatcher.

"We have been working very hard to prepare the pub for opening.

"However essential ground works have to be carried out by British Gas before we can offer food from within the the pub.

"We have been informed that this will be four weeks, so with this in mind, we are going for a gentle weekday opening to keep customers and staff safe."