A SOMERSET pub closed down the day after re-opening due to anti-social behaviour by some customers.

The landlords at the Green Dragon in Chard say they are now not willing to re-open yet.

They had ruled that only one person could use the gents at any one time and covered the urinal with black bags to discourage social distancing.

But they said on a social media post: "Someone thought it would be great to urinate all over the bags.

"We then had to clear up urine this morning (Sunday), clear deliberate act, with disregard for us and our other customers. total disrespect to our property.

"Why would anyone feel the need do this?

"The hand sanitiser is the same - was it knocked off deliberately?

"Even if it wasn't, why did nobody bring it to our attention? It would have saved a customer from slipping and injuring themselves."

They added: "We asked for the furniture not to be moved. But people moved it anyway.

"We shouldn’t be spending our day so upset that we had to close the pub until further notice and are even considering whether it's worth trying to open at all.

"What makes it worse, we have been here four years. We know you, you know us. This isn't strangers. It's members of our own community.

"A kick in the teeth if ever there was one."