AND now for something a little different...

I’m going to avoid the c-word in this column but it does have a bearing on what I am about to write, so let’s just say, without coronavirus I would have completely missed some brilliant things I have noticed lately.

During several Zoom calls I have learned how many people are completely changing their lives, determined not to go back to old ways and habits, pledging to keep doing the things they had been missing out on, like spending time with their families, enjoying the garden and the beautiful countryside we are so blessed to have all around us.

Some business friends are changing their businesses and following their hearts to do the things that make them happy. This has to be a good thing.

Another thing I’ve heard is people taking up hobbies they have always wanted to do but never had the time. I think this is fantastic for so many reasons, not least work/life balance and mental health, reducing stress etc.

Funniest one has been grown men finding Lego again. I imagine so many houses with models of the Statue of Liberty, a Ford Mustang, the Taj Mahal or a Star Wars Death Star. Brilliant!

One of the best things that I discovered while mooching around online is how many fantastic local artists we have. I saw a photo this week of a chap from Taunton called Richard Balman.

He is the owner of The Lost Foundry which offers the service of mould making and casting for sculptors all over the country. He works with the process called the lost wax method, which entails using wax and molten bronze to re produce their work.

Finally a plea.

The vibrant Creative Innovation Centre CIC (also known as CICCIC) needs the help of the wider community it serves. Over the past eight years they have been putting on arts and cultural events and delivering community projects for all ages, and become a vital part of Taunton’s arts, music and cultural scene.

They have had teenagers perform their first gig here, had schools involved, supported people living with dementia, delivered hundreds of community events with other organisations and charities, provided events for the older generation, a place where people can meet, and provided comedy, dance and music entertainment.

Due to the c-word they are now forced to launch a crowdfunding initiative.

If you can help, email Andrew -

That’s all folks! See you in two weeks.


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