A LOVING dog was badly injured during his daily walk in the park in Taunton this morning.

Amy Primrose Lang had to rush her black Labrador Bobby to the vet after he suffered a deep cut in the pad of one of his paws.

Amy had to drag her heavy three-year-old pet home from Lyngford Park to her home in nearby Dorchester Road as the wound was painful and bleeding profusely.

Amy's mother, Zelda, said the glass was from broken bottles smashed by youths congregating late in the evening in the park shelter.

Zelda added: "It was a massive cut. It sliced the bottom of his paw.

"Bobby had to be heavily sedated and couldn't even stand up afterwards."

Somerset County Gazette:

She added that anti social behaviour in Lyngford Park has been an ongoing problem for years.

"When Amy was two, she fell and cut her hand on broken glass there," said Zelda.

"This time they not only left broken bottles and rubbish, but they've also broken panels around the seating area. It's such a shame as the graffiti art has been ruined.

"The anti-social behaviour is a parenting issue. Some parents don't know where their children are or what they're doing."

She added that the council has since been to the park to clear up the glass and rubbish.