BLACKBROOK sports centre was recently occupied by Travellers.

The council policy seems to consist of the following:

Install temporary boulders to stop access to the sports centre by travellers. These were removed on June 29 by travellers in front of a CCTV camera.

Initiate process to remove. Started on June 30, deadline passed on July 10, and numbers doubled the next day.

Locals inform council via social media who confirm they thought they had left on July 10 but didn't check. Will not respond to requests on social media as to why Travellers did not leave on July 10 and when enforcement action will be taken.

Temporary transit camp set up in town that travellers refuse to use. Believe this may have been removed now.

Another group of travellers attempt to set up opposite the cricket club on July 15 and police arrive immediately and move them on.

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It may be me, but this does seem like a reactive knee-jerk policy?

When will Blackbrook get its sports centre back, and when will the endless wasting of tax money stop?

Also, when will the waste be removed, some of which is human?