A PHANTOM sign thief appears to have been targeting hair salons in Taunton.

Olimi Hair and Beauty was one of three hair businesses in the town that had their signs stolen overnight on Tuesday into Wednesday.

The County Gazette website reported yesterday how the lettering on the outside wall of Studio 8 in St James Street was removed the same night, as was a swinging sign at the neighbouring Wig and Hair Clinic.

Olimi owner Danusha Walden at first thought it was children playing a prank.

She said: "They took a perspex sign which read 'Aveda Salon'. They unscrewed it from the wall outside.

"It was really weird seeing it missing and I thought it may have been kids mucking around.

"Then when I saw other people had signs stolen as well, it came together."

But the thieves may have been in full view of a CCTV camera when they also tried to take an internal sign. Checks are being made on the footage for Tuesday night.

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