AN annual Somerset music festival could be cancelled today if organisers do not reach their sales target.

John Arnold, the founder of Chardrock, took to social media to reveal that the festival could still happen after discussions with local authorities.

However, a minimum number of tickets would need to be sold for the event to raise any cash for charity.

A maximum number of people on site will also be imposed for safety reasons.

John said: "The decision to hold this year’s festival is becoming increasingly difficult.

"Having spent the last week in contact with the local authorities and licensing etc there are no objections to the festival being held providing covid safety measures in accordance to government procedure are followed.

"We can expand the site to allow social distancing, etc, and put all the relevant measures in place.

"The difficulty is having enough people attend to make it viable and raise money for the chosen charity.

"With this in mind we need a minimum of 400 people each day. At the moment we are a long way off these figures.

"If we do not reach the target within the next 24hrs We will have no option but to postpone."

The statement was posted at around midday on Sunday (July 26) so you only have this morning left to purchase your ticket.

John added: "People are asking questions reference purchasing tickets and those that already have tickets with regards to if the festival is cancelled.

"There are options reguarding tickets already purchased in the event of the festival being cancelled."

These are:

  1. option to request a full refund
  2. option to request ticket to be held for 2021 festival
  3. option to donate partial or all ticket money to nhs / Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance

John said: "Another question being asked is how many people will be allowed.

The answer to this is that the attendance number including performers and staff will be 500."

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