THE latest advice re quarantine when returning from holidaying in Spain.

What every your Political affiliation, it is very evident that whom ever makes any recommendation regarding this awful pandemic, will be damned if they do and damned if they don't.

Yes we all know that the economy has, and will continue to, suffer from this situation.

What is the answer, who knows. We need to take stock and make decisions ourselves. Is it so important that we take a holiday abroad, putting others and especially our families at risk?

If, after a planned holiday, Covid is contracted, and sadly someone dies, there would be outcry that the powers that be hadn't taken action.

Further more, there can't be any more holidays with the family as someone has passed away, a result of contracting Covid.

Please don't be complacent, thinking that it won't happen to you.

Why not you?

This pandemic takes no prisoners - it can be any of us.