TIDY up OUR town!

Living in a clean, attractive town is so important to our happiness and pride in where we live.

We are blessed to have some amazing architecture and plenty of green spaces to enjoy all around us.

Not everyone takes care of our environment though.

Cigarette ends, take away cartons, cups, bags etc, in these busy days it must be a nightmare to monitor things like this regularly.

Thank Goodness then for local people like Tim Walker!

Tim is an environmentalist, he has chosen not to own a car, and that means he does a lot of walking, and I mean a lot! This is both a blessing and a curse. Yes, his legs are in great shape, but he sees the amount of litter dropped in the street, thrown into bushes, scattered everywhere, and it really started to get to him.

He started off by picking up the odd bit of litter on his walk to and from work, but soon realised this wasn’t enough.

He needed a group to tackle Taunton and so started setting up events on Facebook.

In January 2020 they tackled French Weir Park, February was Victoria Park, then March was cancelled because of safety due to Covid-19, then he restarted again with Longrun Meadow.

Tim’s litter picks are growing in popularity and we must support him in his efforts to clean up OUR town!

Follow ‘My Carbon Coach’ on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with the latest litter pick events.

We can also help by picking up litter wherever and whenever we see it if we are fit and able enough to do it.

We also need to be thoughtful of what we do with our own rubbish when we are out and about.

Do you agree? Will you join in?

Tim believes that one litter pick a month isn’t enough though so he is now asking for volunteers to work with him and hold litter picks in their own communities, using his litter picking kit, to really #tidyupTaunton.

Tim has also written to our MP Rebecca Pow to see if she will help at a litter pick shortly to show her support and shine some publicity on the campaign.

Watch this space...

See you in a couple of weeks.

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