A SOCIALLY-distanced demonstration in Taunton will encourage residents to imagine a 'healthier, cleaner, safer and fairer future'.

Environmental protest group Extinction Rebellion will host an Imagine If... event in East Street between 10am and 2pm on Saturday (August 8).

Organisers are encouraging people 'to imagine a healthier, cleaner, safer and fairer future for our town and planet'.

"The reassuring and heart-warming responses of our community to Covid 19 have shown the importance of collective action in the face of crisis," said a spoksperson.

"We know that we must continue to act together to confront the urgent issues of our time: Scientists globally, are emphasising the connection between the pandemic and the climate and ecological crisis.

"Up to 36,000 people die annually in the UK alone from the effects of sustained exposure to air pollution and alarmingly, 1,360 sites in the UK have breached the Government’s air quality objectives for clean air, with our very own East Reach as one of them."

"So come along and imagine a carbon neutral future that cares for the balance of nature and for public health, continue to connect with our communities sharing values that put human beings first, imagine a community that continues to work with its official and voluntary organizations to bring real change in social and economic equality and which celebrates diversity and challenges racism."

The demonstration is the latest by Extinction Rebellion in Taunton.

Previously, protestors have held a 'funeral' service for the planet, and were involved in the Climate Strike protest in September last year.