I RIDE my disability scooter along the path, on top of Chestnut Drive.

Around by the big House that leads down several paths to Sycamore Close and along where the green is from Laurel Close, you cannot get past without getting stung by overgrown weeds and prickles.

It's really bad all around where the big house is. The paths are all overgrown.

I struggle terribly trying to get past.

It's a disgrace and should be cleared.


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I BACK the fact the council have made no effort to clear or improve our pathways to help keep social distancing possible.

My other concerns are roads are not being repaired and limited effort to build a better cycling network in the Watchet and surrounding areas.

The council have said they have put around £3 million towards a better cycling network, but this is yet to be seen.

Our government talks of sustainability and social distancing but I see very little attempt to improve either.

We should be encouraging people to keep fit and reduce traffic on our already very dangerous roads but nothing ever changes.

How long do we have to wait before it's too late for our environment and our health?