TEENAGERS are being warned not to trespass on property that could potentially result in them being 'killed'.

PCSO Steve Hill from Wellington issued the warning yesterday afternoon (August 4) after responding to reports four youths were climbing the main tower of Tonedale Mill.

The historic buildings are very old and have been the target of arson attacks in the past.

The council has issued numerous repairs orders in the past to the building owners.

PCSO Hill said: "This not only placed the youths involved at significant risk of harm, it could have also placed the officers attending in danger along with members of other emergency services had they also been required to attend.

"Wellington Police Team would once again like to warn youngsters about the dangers of playing at Tonedale Mill. The mill site is private property and no one is permitted to enter.

"There are too many dangers to list, but a child could very easily be killed – it’s that serious.

PCSO Hill added the risks weren't just physical, as trespassing could also result in hefty fines.

He added: "In addition to the serious risk of harm, anyone found trespassing on the Tone Mill site not only runs a risk of prosecution for civil trespass, they will also face prosecution for any criminal offences identified and/or action being taken against them using Antisocial Behaviour legislation."