Minehead Town Council has done a 180° spin and agreed to put a halfpipe skate ramp in Irnham Road Recreation Ground, just over six months after saying it should be located elsewhere.

The town council has been looking at various locations for the halfpipe including sites at Culvercliffe and in Alcombe, but at its most recent full council meeting on Tuesday, July 28, agreed that it should be placed in the regenerated recreation ground.

In August 2019 residents in Alexandra Road, Queens Road and Irnham Road received consultation letters about putting the skate ramp in, but in January of this year, Minehead Town Council agreed that having reviewed the correspondence Irnham Road recreation ground was not the most appropriate site for the ramp.

However at the most recent MTC meeting, councillors highlighted how Irnham Road Recreation Ground was becoming a sporting central point for Minehead and it made sense for the skate ramp to be added to the facilities.

Following the reversal of the original decision, one frustrated resident has written to neighbours calling for them to express their concerns. The resident says concerns about the noise of the skate ramp, particularly at anti-social hours, has not been addressed, and it is wrong that the decision has been reversed without contacting the affected residents first.