TWO buildings in one of Taunton's most elegant streets could be reconverted into homes.

A change of use planning application has been submitted for the four-storey premises in The Crescent.

The Grade II listed buildings currently have permission for use as offices.

But they were originally built as homes for the wealthy back in 1807.

If permission is granted to allow numbers 5 and 6 to be used as townhouses again, they would not be the first premises in the street to revert to their intended use when built more than 200 years ago.

Unison House has been granted permission to be converted into a number of apartments, while 11 The Crescent also won permission to be turned back into a home.

If the latest application from a private developer succeeds, part of the car park at the rear would be turned into a garden and a single storey extension would be built.

The application, which will be considered by Somerset West and Taunton planners, says: "Proposals allow an opportunity to improve the current condition of the property, prevent any further decay or dilapidation and safeguard this historical asset.

"Other aspects of the works are generally limited to areas that have already been disrupted and contain minimal disturbance to the original fabric, plan form and character of a space.

"Adding the extension broadly appears compatible to existing treatments to the rear of The Crescent.

"Pre-application feedback has been used in the preparation of this application and generally proposals appear to meet local and national criteria and policies."