A POST-coronavirus crisis, more environmentally-friendly world was the topic of conversation at an event in Taunton over the weekend.

Campaign group Extinction Rebellion organised the 'Imagine If...' event, held in East Street on Saturday and urged people to join them to contemplate a post-Covid future in which the world 'didn't return to business as usual'.

Everything from encouraging cycling and becoming less reliant on fossil fuels, to addressing racial injustices were among the topics of discussion.

A spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion Taunton said: "We learnt, in the lockdown, that communities reach out to and support each other with acts of kindness.

"Extinction Rebellion mirrored this by sharing conversation about the climate and ecological emergency, and also giving away produce and cakes in a socially-distanced way."

Visitors were encouraged to share ideas for how things could change going forward, with a range of topics discussed.

"What if the street remained open and free from traffic?" the spokesperson said.

"We could be free of pollution caused by cars; we could cycle more easily and would be helping mitigate climate change, one small step at a time."

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A number of speakers addressed crowds, while children chalked their own ideas on the ground and were encouraged to play in the 'car-free' street, which has been closed to allow shoppers to social distance as they make their way around the town.