THE mum of a teenager who was injured falling at a derelict mill site is urging others not to make the same mistakes.

Adele Purser's 15-year-old daughter Imogen was injured after accessing the site of Tonedale Mill on Sunday afternoon.

Emergency services were called to the incident, which has left Imogen with a broken pelvis and cuts to her vital organs.

Both Mrs Purser and Imogen accept her injuries are a consequence of her actions, but they also hope people will understand that teenagers make silly mistakes.

"She was somewhere that quite obviously she shouldn't have been," Mrs Purser said, "With saying that, she is also a 15-year-old child, who like many others before her, has made a silly mistake."

Imogen was out with a friend for the first time in six months following the coronavirus lockdown, and the pair were curious about the old building.

Mrs Purser added: "Of course they should have known not to go in, but being teenagers, that didn't happen on this occasion.

"They explored the different floors of the old factory going up the stairs until they reached the top floor. This was where Imogen stepped onto a floorboard and completely fell through, she carried on falling and crashing through lower floors until she landed on the ground about 20 metres below.

"Imogen is incredibly lucky to be alive , she has broken her pelvis in four places, has small cuts in her liver and kidney and lots of scrapes and bruises, it could have been much worse."

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Somerset West and Taunton Council has been working for years to try and get the owners of the buildings, Mancraft Ltd, to carry out essential repairs and improve the security of the building to prevent trespassers, and the battle continues with a threat of a Compulsory Purchase Order Looming.

While fully accepting responsibility for the accident, Mrs Purser feels the security of the building should be reviewed, to help ensure nothing like this happens again.

She added: "I just want to get the message out there to anyone thinking it’s ok to go in there because others have done it and they were fine- it’s actually incredible dangerous as this accident shows.

"The building is rotting from being exposed to the weather and any part of it could fall through at any time.

"I do think the security of the site should be reviewed and repaired just to stop anyone else, who might think it’s just a bit of an adventure to go through a broken fence and explore, from getting into that situation and being injured or killed."

Mrs Purser says she and her family are incredibly grateful to the emergency services who helped Imogen at the scene, and want to thank well-wishers from the community who have shown their support, which has boosted Imogen's morale while in hospital.