“JULIUS Caesar was possibly epileptic, kidnapped by pirates and may have had a sexual relationship with a Greek King,” according to a Somerset author in his latest novel.

Martin Campbell, 55, has taken a look into the alternative side of this renowned Roman general in his latest work – Queen Julius Caesar.

The book not only explores Caesar’s sexuality, but also his suspected epilepsy and rumoured autism.

“From reading ancient Roman writers, I became suspicious that he may also have had autism or an obsessive-compulsive disorder,” Martin said.

“I am epileptic and have friends and family who have autism, Asperger’s disease or obsessive-compulsive disorders, so, this is how I’ve characterised Caesar, with a lot of personal insight.

“He has little empathy or emotion, he is obsessively literate, and single-mindedly determined to rule Rome.”

Martin, from Glastonbury, gave up his career as a full-time NHS senior manager to become an author and published his first novel – The Love God – in 2014, a book exploring the love story between Antinous and Hadrian.

“LGBT+ historical characters have been systematically ignored, redacted, vilified or made comical,” Martin added.

“LGBT+ history is only just becoming spoken about in academia, let alone in mainstream society.

“The books I am writing are attempting to put well researched LGBT+ historical figures back into the context and limelight they deserve.”

Queen Julius Caesar can be found in paperback and for Kindle on Amazon.