A TOWN centre car park designated for usage by the traveller community has resorted back to normal use.

Somerset West and Taunton Council chose Enfield Car Park for people passing through town to stop at safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fencing and safety measures were in place, and it was set to be earmarked for this usage until October.

But the council has reverted its decision, and resumed the car parks normal usage.

A spokesperson for SWT said: “Central Government asked all local authorities to respond quickly to protect the Gypsy, Traveller and Roma community during the Covid-19 pandemic. Emergency powers were put in place to enable public sector land to be used for temporary stopping (transit) facilities for the traveller community.

"A multi-agency partnership was established to oversee this work in Somerset and identify options for immediately useable public sector land. Locations were identified including the Enfield car park."

The u-turn follows some troubles with travellers accessing the chosen site, but another suitable location has not been selected.

The spokesperson added: "Unfortunately access to Enfield car park has proved difficult for some of the larger vehicles, and the partnership is currently exploring alternative land options for temporary stopping provision in Somerset West and Taunton.

"There are currently two temporary stopping facilities operational in other locations across Somerset.”