After an enforced 22 week break the Taunton Man v Fat Football league restarted on Sunday with a minute’s silence before each match in honour of those that had lost their lives through Covid-19.

Man v Fat Football is a weight loss programme for overweight and obese men based around a 14 week football league where every member gets the chance to influence the overall score through a unique scoring system that awards goals based on individual and team weight loss in addition to the score on the pitch, rewarding hard work off the pitch regardless of footballing ability.

League coach Roger Smith said: “Here at Man v Fat Football we are proud to be official partners of the NHS Better Health campaign, giving men around the country the opportunity to take the path to lighter, fitter and healthier lives.

"With 63 per cent of people in the UK being overweight or living with obesity we recognise the need for continued support and motivation for men.

"Men are often less likely to join other weight loss programmes or take steps to reduce their risks of health conditions such as type-2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol."

The Taunton league takes place at Castle Sports Centre every Sunday morning between 10am and noon.

It only costs 50p to sign up as part of the Better Health and more information can be found at