THE UK is experiencing the biggest economic and social disruption in generations due to the Covid-19 crisis.

The inequalities in society have been vividly demonstrated - poverty wages, a welfare state without the resources to maintain a proper safety net, inadequate housing and scant access to nature and culture. And this, of course, is against a backdrop of the looming threat of catastrophic climate change and biodiversity loss.

A recent poll has shown that 94% of the UK population is in favour of a shift to a more sustainable and equitable future.

However, these changes won’t happen by themselves - there are many vested interests seeking to maintain the status quo.

Build Back Better UK is a broad-based, non-partisan national charity, set up with the specific aim of bringing together organisations and individuals from all sectors of society - businesses, charities, religious groups, environmental groups, community groups - to create a united front for the pursuit of the above goals.

They have produced a complete manifesto for change based on policies developed by the New Economics Foundation which centre on a Green New Deal and a new approach for a national economy based not on GDP but on the happiness and wellbeing of people.

Organisations are signing on to the campaign via local coordinators across the country.

These local alliances can bring pressure to bear on politicians and councils to develop suitable policies and to fulfil their promises.

For example, many councils have declared a climate emergency yet there is often little obvious action behind these words; the government promised to reward front line workers who put their lives at risk during the pandemic and yet only senior staff have received a pay rise with nothing for nurses, care workers or other similarly positioned workers.

On August 27, as part of a national action, we will present a letter to MP Rebecca Pow to campaign for a coronavirus recovery plan that builds back better.

So far, a cross-section of 18 local community groups, businesses and religious organisations have signed this letter. If you would like to support this action please contact local coordinators: email or or visit the Taunton Build Back Better Facebook pageat

There is also a group organising in West Somserset, see the West Somerset Build Back Better facebook group for details of how to get involved at

If you would like more information on the national campaign go to

Build Back Better Taunton