I AM very concerned about the vast amount of the very poisonous plant ragwort, which is now flowering profusely in fields, on verges, in woodland, all over the place, and I wonder if people have forgotten how dangerous it is to grazing animals.

In Street, there is a hilly field full of ragwort, with Highland cattle grazing among it. Very sad.

This season, I have seen several fields with ragwort present which have been foraged for silage or mown for hay. Defra informs me that the landowner (including councils) is responsible for poisonous plants and can be presented should animals become ill or die.

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As most horse owners know, every bit of the plant is highly toxic and even more dangerous in dead or dry form as it loses its smell and taste and can be eaten inadvertently.

A major effort is needed by landowners - and councils - to get it under control, preferably before it starts seeding, but great care must be taken regarding tis disposal.