THE future of a 111 call centre in Taunton is uncertain as a potential relocation is on the cards.

Company Vocare runs 111 services, including Cornwall's, on behalf of the NHS from Wellington House in Taunton, but there are fears the service will need to be moved after it was 'impacted' by the coronavirus pandemic.

Access to the 111 NHS service will not change, but the move could result in a loss of jobs in the area.

Andy Gregory, MD of Totally plc Urgent Care Division, said: “Every business has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and as a leading provider of healthcare we are working with NHS colleagues to review how we provide services to ensure patients continue to get access to high-quality care.

“Our current consultation with staff at WH is part of how we do this best to meet the changing demands on urgent care services. We are supporting our staff completely during this process, including possible relocation to other local premises, redeployment to suitable alternative roles within Totally and also supporting staff to seek employment with the local NHS111 provider.”